4 thoughts on “One Teen Story: Dress Rehearsal by Kate Norris”

  1. I just finished Black Kids. It was great. I had been reading it for my 10 minute reading start that I have at the beginning of the class I teach. I passed it along to one of my friends who is both interested in narratives and has become one of my writing partners.

    1. Nice! I liked that one a lot. It was a good one on which to start my subscription. There was another one recently that blew me out of the water. I gave that one away as a prize at work.

      They’ve changed submission guidelines. Now One Teen Story will come out 4x per year and only be authored by teens. To which I say, eh. Better be really excellent teen writing. I love that they write, and yet often their stuff isn’t really that good.

  2. Oh gosh, reading your comment, when I look at stuff I wrote as a teen, I just cringe. I’m with you, I hope the teens they publish are phenomenal.

    By the way, I never thanked you for sending me a few of your copies, so thank you!

    1. You are welcome.

      I’m hoping they will find four good stories written by teens per year. It seems like it *might* be possible.

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