Postcards from Germany & the Netherlands

I returned from our Crater Lake Trip to find this postcard from Stephan in Germany.  He works as an art historian and is a specialist in religious architecture.  This is a wonderful example of a Bavarian Baroque church.  Next week, Stephen was going to the Spanish Pyrenees.  

 This is from Sandra in the Netherlands.  She tells me that tomorrow (6/13) is her birthday, that she lives with 4 (!) men, three sons and a husband, and also that she is a part-time teacher.  The quote she included was “Be yourself, no matter what they say” which is from Sting’s song “Englishman in New York” which happens to be one of the first 45RPM records I purchased.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Germany & the Netherlands”

  1. Both really fantastic cards. You seem to hit the card lottery a lot. 🙂 Seeing that card from Germany makes me wish I could go back to Europe.

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