Search feature on Goodreads not so good.

not that kind of girlI love many things about Goodreads, but I do not love its search feature. ┬áTyping in “not that kind of girl” should not give me Little Women as the first result, Heidi as the third result and Wir Kinder vom Bahnhoff Zoo as the fifth result. ┬áSometimes I have to look up an ISBN to find the book I’m looking for.


4 thoughts on “Search feature on Goodreads not so good.”

  1. Haha, I can’t even fathom how their search engine pulled up a German book called “We Children from the Train Station Zoo” in relation to “not that kind of girl.” Absolutely baffling. That having been said, I haven’t had many problems with their search engine, but you read a lot more books than me, and hence use it more frequently.

  2. This truly drives me nuts. They do need and upgrade. Sometimes if you search by author, you get better results, which is also annoying. Annoying that you have to do multiple searches.

    1. Sometimes I really can’t find things, even by author search and have to go get the ISBN from Amazon.

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