Sometimes it takes two computers to get the job done.

When adding people to the email system my school uses, it’s better to have two computers.  Helpfully, I’m ambidextrous in mousing (I’m a righty, though at work I left-hand mouse) so two mice can share one stack of copy paper.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes two computers to get the job done.”

  1. There are about 40-60 new emails, 1-2 for the 30-ish new students. But you have to enter the student and then make a separate account for each parent and then log on as the parent to add the email address and set up the account and on and on and on. So two computers come in handy.

  2. When I made my email distribution list for my class (in the last few years all of the 75 students or so on my case load) a 2 computer system would have been nice. Very clever!

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