Three sentence movie reviews: Seeing Other People


“Hey what ever happened to Jay Mohr?” I thought as I grabbed this movie from the library.*  I found it to be terribly uneven** and shoddily acted.  I was going to chalk this up to Wallace Wolodarsky’s first pancake of a directing venture, but IMDB tells me that this was his third film, so I’m not really sure what to say, except that I do not recommend this film.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, while sick.

*IMDB tells me he is still acting, but I don’t think this movie helped him get any jobs.  He tends to channel outraged-via-bad-acting Jerry Seinfeld in this movie.
**at one point the story comes to a screeching halt so we can focus on secondary character Andy Richter, a character arc that could have been cut entirely.  And at another point main characters Mohr & Nicholson are having an argument at the front door of their house. One of them leaves and a cat walks in and meows. This is the only point at which that cat appears in the movie.  Also, one character morphs from a pretty normal waitress, to a crazy crackhead in about 30 seconds.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Seeing Other People”

  1. Oh how I love this review. A touch of annoyance and wit make it a delight to read. Sorry the movie didn’t have any of those qualities!

  2. I don’t like Jay Mohr. His appearance in any movie automatically makes that movie worse for me. It’s due in part to the fact that I don’t think he’s a good actor (didn’t he start as a comedian?) and in part to this idea I have that he’s a total asshat in real life. I don’t know if that’s a fair assessment of him, but I feel like I’ve read about his asshattery somewhere.

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