Three sentence movie reviews: The Meyerowitz Stories

He’s a straight white male mostly telling stories from the limited perspective of well-off, neurotic straight white males.*  So why do I find his movies so delightful, more often than not?  You’ll watch this movie for stellar performances from Sandler** and Stiller, and if you are me, you will ignore all the parts with Grace Van Patten’s student films (which were a repeating joke that wasn’t really funny the first time.)

Cost: Netflix charge
Where watched: at home

*Most of whom I wouldn’t be that interested in spending time with in real life.
**If all of Adam Sandler’s performances were as good as this one, he would be an actor I sought out more often than one I took a pass on.

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  1. When I looked at the poster above I thought, is that Adam Sandler? In a serious movie? Interesting to hear that his performance was great!

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