Troilus & Cressida at Lone Fir Cemetery

It’s summer Shakespeare season. We’ve seen Portland Actors Ensemble shows at Lone Fir before and so go there early to claim our space.  We caught the end of rehearsal, when guns were scattered about.

This was a robustly military production of the often-not-seen Troilus & Cressida.

I enjoyed what this percussionist–seemingly not mentioned in the program?–added to the story.

There were good performances by all, with some actors having incredibly fun expressive faces.

I wasn’t the only person taking photos.

In the audience tonight was the woman who has been designing the PAE t-shirts.  She was working a quilt to commemorate her work.  I love this quilt!  She’s a great designer.  I used to have the top row, second-from-the-left shirt.

2 thoughts on “Troilus & Cressida at Lone Fir Cemetery”

  1. I just fell in love with that older gentleman actor.

    Not only have I never seen or read this Shakespeare play, I don’t even know what it’s about! I’m guessing something to do with war, however.

    1. You are correct! Plus, there’s a noble sacrifice by a woman that she is then judged harshly for! Fun! (Translation: It’s a Shakespeare play for completeists.)

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