Letters written in January.

14 January–Linda. Thank you note
15 January–Peter Ames Carlin. The excellent TV columnist in The Oregonian.
16 January–Jenna. My ex-roommate who does write letters.
17 January–Eugenie Olson. Author of Love in the time of taffeta.
18 January–Sara. Also writes letters.
19 January–Jim Carmin. Author of “Dear Readers, the Letter Must Not Die
20 January–Jan B. Thank you note
21 January–Susan. Sporadic letter writing college friend.
22 January–Mary. Apparently she got married. I wrote for details.
23 January–Mom. Sent a word search I created so she could entertain herself while recovering from surgery.
24 January–Inara Verzemniks. Reporter for The Oregonian. I love her writing style and subjects.
25 January–Cindy. I’m not holding out hope for a letter back, but they do come sometimes.
26 January–The Oregonian. I was annoyed that they don’t tell us where missing features are.
27 January–Alison Bechdel. I loved this week’s comic, and I wrote to tell her so.
28 January–Teresa. I’ve sort of lost touch with her. Maybe this will revive.
29 January–Graham. Thank you note.
30 January–Matt. Some days dashing off a postcard to someone you live with counts as writing a letter. I mailed it.
31 January–Mark Edlen. I liked the idea of small downtown condos as reported in this article, but disagreed with his definition of “moderate income”

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