What I’m doing for Lint.

Yes, Lint. I observed to someone yesterday that I’m always pronouncing “Lent,” the liturgical season, as “lint,” the stuff found in your pocket after you do laundry. And since my religious tradition doesn’t really celebrate Lent, and I’m going to do something a bit different this year, I’ve decided to celebrate Lint.

Last year I gave up eating out. This year, I’ve decided to do the more superficial, but very necessary, task of dealing with my wardrobe.

I don’t like to shop. I didn’t like it anyway, but when my size expands, as it has now, to the very verge of “normal” clothing stores, I really hate to shop. I can never find pants that fit, which means I have one pair of nice pants and one pair of nice jeans to wear to work. The other three days I wear skirts. I’ve got some good skirts, but my tops haven’t been replenished for some time.

Clothing used to come to me. My roommates gave it to me, or people would leave it on a donation table in my apartment complex. Now my Aunt gives me clothes, which is nice, but she is 30 years older than me, which means my wardrobe has slowly been creeping toward matronly for some time now.

I also don’t like to spend money on clothes. I think they are too expensive. So I buy my stuff in thrift shops and consignmet shops. I like shopping there because I’m supporting a local business or charity and avoiding the whole “made in a sweatshop” guilt entirely. But thrift/consignment shopping means there isn’t as much choice so I have to go to more places.

I absolutely HATE buying underwear. That I buy new. Thrift shop underwear is where I draw the line. The other day I figured out that I last bought underwear in 2004. It’s sort of holding up, but not well.

I usually shop about twice a year, but it’s been awhile. I supposedly don’t have time. I was supposed to go shopping over Thanksgiving break, but I didn’t. I was also supposed to go shopping over Christmas break. That didn’t happen either. So for Lint this year, I will go shopping six times. Ideally once per week-ish. Three times during the week I will evaluate my wardrobe for what I need and what I need to get rid of. I’ll see what the library has for wardrobe books. I’ll update you on my progress. Things will happen. It will be a good Lint.

Wish me luck

One thought on “What I’m doing for Lint.”

  1. Lint…ha ha! That has cracked me up all week.

    You know that I LOVE to shop, so I totally support this linten discipline. I can’t wait to see your progress. 🙂 You’ve got my support. -S

    And stinkin’ lincoln, you letter has just sat since you last inspired me to write. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!

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