Two Hour Delay

Snow was forecast, but I didn’t get excited. We had some Tuesday, but it wasn’t sticking. Going to bed Wednesday night there were two scenarios: the temperature would stay low and a bunch of snow would drop on the Portland area. Or, the temperature would increase and we would get a bunch of rain. I woke up Wednesday morning, hearing the rain and I assumed that we had missed the snow entirely. But no! We got a couple of inches before the rains came!

And those couple of inches were enough to delay school for two hours. We started at 10:30 instead of 8:30. Of course, Wednesdays are also our early release day. We are done at 1:00. So school started at 10:30, the kids had ninety minutes of learning followed by 30 minutes of lunch and 30 minutes of recess. Then everyone went home. It was kind of a lame day. 31 (of 142) students were absent and I don’t blame them one bit.

Still, I did get some things done and had a nice nap before going to school. That was nice.

One thought on “Two Hour Delay”

  1. A delay is great! Especially when you think it isn't really going to happen! For us, if it happens on our ER day, we have to stay to the regular time…. So we all hope for delays on M, T, Th, or F! 🙂

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