3 thoughts on “Vote”

  1. I miss living in a state that has mail-in ballots, but at least I live in one with the next best thing: early voting. I already voted two weeks ago, and took the husband to do so on Friday. Now neither of us will have to stand in long lines on Election Day!

  2. I miss going to the polls, but I also really, really like filling out the ballot in stages and then handing it in. The only time I ever had to wait in line was in 2000, and even then I wasn't really waiting in line, I just got there early so I could do my voting first thing. It's one of my happiest voting memories, the woman working opened the door and saw the lot of us ready to do our civic duty and broke into a huge smile. "It's going to be a great day at the polls!" she exclaimed and ushered us inside.

  3. I'm so excited because my vote helped turn my state blue, again!!!!! As you know, I miss the announcement that I voted!!

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