Olympic Peninsula Vacation: A hike up Pyramid Mountain and a (half) dip in the lake.

Morning at the Log Cabin Resort.img_6314

More clear blue of the lake.img_6316 img_6317

Before we began our hike we wandered down to see the lake.  Though waiting until after Labor Day to visit meant a little too cold for swimming, it was nice to visit with relatively few people around.  It was mostly just us and old cheery retired hikers.img_6318

Moss steps. Peak Moss Month (PMM) must be really spectacular here.img_6319

Heading up to Pyramid Peak.  We started at lake level.img_6320

Matt crosses a very small stream. img_6324

More elevation gain.img_6325

This was the hardest part of the hike for me.  I felt like I was going to slide down the face of the gravel slide. img_6327

We’ve gained even more elevation.  We are at the top!  This is a nice view of the land bridge that separates Lake Crescent and Lake Sutherland.img_6328

There was a little too much cloud cover, but you can also see Canada from this location.  There were a few moments of clearing where I caught a glimpse.img_6329

It’s a long way down.  We met a hiker here who said her husband was kayaking around the lake while she hiked to the top of the mountain.  They had plans to wave to each other.img_6330

Matt outside the lookout tower, posing next to some graffiti.img_6331

I liked the cables on the lookout tower, which were added to keep it from blowing away.img_6338 img_6339 img_6340 img_6341 img_6343 img_6344

It was a long 7 miles, but we did it.img_6345

Random marker that seems to have nothing associate with it.img_6346

I attempted a post-hike swim, but only made it halfway into the water.img_6347

I took a picture of this to I could figure out what it was.  I did not figure out what it was.  The internet failed me.img_6348