Olympic Peninsula Vacation: Lake Crescent, Sol Duc Falls and the road from Forks

We’re in the land of Twlight, (the book, not the movie) so I took to referring to the weather in vampire terms.  Today was party sparkly vampire.img_6269

As you can see, the lake was just outside our cabin.img_6270

We headed off to see Soleduck Falls.img_6271 img_6272

Bear country!  Luckily we weren’t camping.img_6273

More Olympic Park greenery.img_6274

This was an interesting waterfall because it split into three falls.img_6275

It wasn’t far from the parking lot to this waterfall, and it was also a launching point for many different trails so there were a lot of people taking pictures of Soleduck Falls.img_6276

The drop from the top of the falls to the river.img_6277

Blurry self-portrait. There was a young-dumb-and-full-of-cum-type guy off to our right, walking on the rocks where he shouldn’t have been.  I was waiting for him to slip and fall.img_6278

Because that fall wouldn’t be a pretty one.img_6279

We headed off for Lovers Lane Trail.  (No apostrophe) img_6281

Tall trees and greenery.img_6282

Having  a rest.img_6284

Our hike took us through Sol Duck campground.  I liked their way of visually depicting how many campsites were available, and for how many nights.  I think a red tag meant reserved for two or more nights.  Yellow maybe meant reserved for one night.img_6285

There are no pictures apparently, but we stopped at Soulduck Hot Springs.  It was nice.  They had three separate pools (hot, hotter and shallow for kids).  There was also a full-sized unheated pool.  Matt and I did hot/cold plunges.  Matt was not enamored of the smell.

We stopped to take a look for salmon.img_6286

Just like the sign promised, we did not see any salmon.img_6287

Logging truck.  Also, I was interested in this construction zone, which was operating without a flagging crew.  There were two temporary stoplights which were programmed to let alternating lanes of cars go.img_6288

I loved this little roadside stand.img_6289

So many fun bits of produce.  There were also books and other items such as an exercise bike.  I bought a zucchini for our dinner.img_6291