Olympic Peninsula Vacation: On our way, Lake Quinalt and Washington Beach #1

Blurry self-portrait, with bonus bra strap and detail of rear-view mirror tilter.img_6220

I was hoping for unseasonably warm, due to the fact we were staying at a lake.  But it seems I’m getting totally seasonable weather.  img_6221

It’s always fun to see what this billboard has to say when driving on I-5 on the way to Seattle/points north of Portland.  (Matt took this picture)img_6222

Instead of the normal I-5 drive to Seattle, we took a turn toward our destination:  the Olympic Peninsula. It took us through Aberdeen, not only the hometown of one Kurt Cobain, but also the Gateway to the Olympics.   I’m giving those quotation marks the side-eye.img_6223

We weren’t headed for the Ocean Shores (as inviting as those did sound) we were headed for Forks!  img_6226

I drove, Matt read.  We were alternating between Emma Mills First and Then and George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones.img_6228

Our vacation area.  We stayed at one of the resorts on Lake Crescent. Which was inland a bit.img_6229

Our first hike was at Lake Quinault on the short Rain Forest Nature Trail.img_6230

Matt and a very tall tree.img_6231

It was many “Matts” high.img_6234

Greenery!  What the rain forest has in abundance.img_6235

This interpretive sign was placed so you could easily see the four types of tree.  See next picture.img_6236 img_6237

That’s Matt at the end of that hollow log.img_6238

Lots of stuff going on with the ground in a rain forest.img_6239

Matt in front of the Quinault Lodge.img_6240

We had to stop at this site, because a regular feature of the drive to the beach in Oregon is the World’s Largest Sitka Spruce.  Oregon’s specimen has suffered and is more of a stump now.  So let’s see what Washington’s has for us.img_6241

Looking tall!img_6242

Look at those stats! Who knew the American Forest Association awarded points?  And notice which state’s tree was a co-champion?img_6244

Matt took a closer look. img_6246

Big tree.  Can be measured in many, many, many Matts.img_6247

Our first view of the beach.img_6249

Big growth things on tree.img_6250

Not unlike Oregon beaches, this is full of driftwood. img_6254

It was mostly empty too, with the exception of this couple, whose primary reason to visit the beach seems to have been so the woman could pose in a variety of places while having her picture taken.  Matt and I were there for 20 minutes or so, and the photo taking was nonstop.img_6255

Photos are still happening as we pose for a self-portrait.img_6256 img_6257

I liked this little flower.img_6258

Our next hike of the day was Marymere Falls.   We left our weapons at home, so didn’t have to worry about if we should take them on the trail or not. 🙂img_6259

Creek and greenery.img_6260

Marymere Falls.img_6261 img_6262 img_6266

At the Log Cabin Resort, an interior view of our cabin.  It came with bedding which I wasn’t expecting.  img_6268