Three sentence movie reviews: War Dogs


I snuck away for the weekend and free admission to the movie theater was included in my hotel stay at the Olympic Club Hotel, so I watched this.  I found it held my attention and was interesting and it made me want to read the original article on which the movie was based.* Teller and Hill do their solid acting thing, as usual.

Cost: free due to hotel package
Where watched: McMenamins Olympic Club

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Much grumpy commentary by the IMP peanut gallery on this one.  Partially for the Scarface ripoff, partially because the names are not attached to the correct head.

*I did.  You can get it by googling.  Not surprisingly, there is no love interest in the real story.

Weekend Retreat to Centralia: getting there; my room.

I had a weekend retreat in Centralia, Washington, at the same site of a previous vacation.  Like that vacation, I traveled by train.  It was a good train riding experience.  When I checked in, the ticket agent said, “Your train is two hours late.” I knew this already, having looked online.  Then she said.  “Do you want me to see if I can get you on the train that’s coming in about 15 minutes?” The answer to that question was yes, I did.  She could, so off I went on the earlier train, that was arriving later than my departure time.  (I would love it if the US really put money into rail travel.)

I arrived in Centralia, walked the two blocks to the Olympic Club Hotel, checked in, dropped off my things and headed downstairs for a free movie (which is one of the perks.  No soaking pool, though.)

Here is my room.  At this hotel several of the rooms have only skylights, not windows.  It was cozy.

A view of the skylight.  If I had a project to finish and needed to get away to do so, I would come here and stay in one of these rooms.  They are very focusing.