Olympic Peninsula Vacation: Saying goodbye to the Log Cabin Resort and Matt orders a burger as big as his face.

One last picture of our cabin. I liked our cabin and the resort.  I did find it weird our cabin had no access to a water spigot.  It wasn’t a big deal for us, because we used a spigot from a nearby unoccupied campground, but were the resort full, it would have been weird to walk to the bathroom for water every time we needed it.  Also, the showers were pay showers, which was annoying.  And there was no place to do dishes.  Usually there is a water dump station.  When I asked at the lodge, they said to do them in the bathroom.  As the women’s bathroom did not have a faucet that worked properly, Matt was in charge of the dishes.  So there were some problems.  But overall, it was a nice, affordable place to stay.img_6374 img_6375

This was on the way home.  We stopped in Hoquiam, where we just missed some sort of parade.  Not only was it a huge burger, but the fries were top-notch too.img_6376 img_6377