A walk to a funeral.

It was a day that threatened rain, but I wasn’t in the mood to take two buses to get where I was going.  So I took a nice long walk. Here’s what I saw along the way.

A while ago, I photographed the house on this lot.  I was thinking it was about to be torn down and indeed, it was.  Two houses have replaced it, with two more coming soon.  Once again, I’m torn between the infill development (which I support) and the fact that the houses built are all very large and they leave no room for a yard.

Same street.  This guy is for sale and is on a big lot. I sense his days are numbered.
I’ve always liked this corner.
Reaching for the sun.
I love when there are messages written on girders.
Someday, someone will be tearing down this building and smile when they discover the mark of Local 28.
Here’s a total Portland guy.  Hops growing on his balcony.  He caught me taking this picture.
One reason I haven’t yet been to Pine State Biscuits.  Another reason?  I feel like I have to go on a 40-mile bike ride to properly integrate the calories.

One thought on “A walk to a funeral.”

  1. I'm sorry you were attending a funeral, but I am thankful for the narrated walk to be there. I especially like the hops picture!

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