Filmspotting Massacre Theater Prize

My favorite film podcast Filmspotting has a regular feature in which the two hosts perform a scene from a movie and people write in guessing the movie. As the two hosts are terrible actors, this can be a very hard game.  I’m not very good at it, and rarely enter.  Thus, I was quite happy to hear my name read as the ultimate winner when they massacred Crazy Stupid Love.

My prize was this t-shirt with their logo.  Thanks, Filmspotting.

2 thoughts on “Filmspotting Massacre Theater Prize”

  1. Gosh, I thought “massacre theater” was going to be something very different. I’m relieved that it was just my morbid brain working in overdrive again.

  2. Awesome! Well done!!! That is really cool!

    PS-I figured I better just add on to the comment mix. I am getting fully caught up AND avoiding working on my syllabus, which is today’s task!

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