My 100 Days Post #6. The first tracking week.

Here was my plan [Here’s how I did with my plan]

5/1 Monday–Swim [Did it]
5/2 Tuesday–Tap [I forgot that I was going to an author reading instead of going to tap class.  But I also forgot to list my usual Tuesday morning walk of approximately 25 minutes.  I did that, and took a 10 minute walk to the bus stop after work, and then a 15 minute walk after the reading.  There was no intense tap dance class, but I still got 50 minutes of walking in.]
5/3 Wednesday–Swim, Square Dance [Did the swim, went to square dancing]
5/4 Thursday–Hike? [We did have a short, 30 minute hike]
5/5 Friday–Hike? [We drove a very long way to a short 20 minute hike.  It was cool, but not a lot of activity]
5/6 Saturday–Hike? [We did a long hike, somewhere around 2 hours.]
5/7 Sunday–Hike? [No hike.  We took a long drive home.]

Can do on M, T.  Wednesday might be tight.  T-Sun.  Vacation probably hard to work in. I will see if I can. [Did meditate on Monday.  Did not meditate any other day this week.]

Food habits:
Note three food habits that could be modified. [Have noted them, will do a summary at the end of the trail month.]

Plan for next week:
5/8 Monday–Swim
5/9 Tuesday–Walk before work; tap dance
5/10 Wednesday–Swim; square dance
5/11 Thursday–Walk before work
5/12 Friday–Swim
5/13 Saturday–Yoga; square dance
5/14 Sunday–Walk that is more than an hour in duration.

Wednesday and Thursday might be tough due to after-work commitments.  Will aim for the other days.

Food habits:
Continue to track food habits.

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