Song of the month July 2017

Don’t Take the Money

It’s very 80s, in a good way.  And there’s some romance.  From random googling, it seems that critics don’t much care for Bleachers, but I sure do.

Here they are on the Tonight Show.  I was a little amused by several things during this performance. Namely: why two drummers? the odd silos of keyboards framing Jack Antonoff; the fact that Mr. Antonoff maybe doesn’t need to wear that guitar during the performance of this song, given how little he plays it.  Still, I did like how he seemed to be connecting with the Tonight Show crowd, and it was interesting to see how something that sounds very studio-produced translated to a live performance.

One thought on “Song of the month July 2017”

  1. I agree, very 80s! I like it. I hadn’t heard this song of theirs before, but I think it’ll go on the list for the inevitable Christmas iTunes gift card I’ll receive.

    Critics don’t like them? Few things in the world are more annoying than music snobs.

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