Tacking down the facings.

The bodice has facings along the neckline and the arms.  I am making tiny stitches in the facings and sewing the seam to the facings, to encourage the facing to roll the right way.  Sentinel is helping and watching a movie with me.

Even after I did this, the arm facings would not behave, constantly turning out.  I ended up doing what Gertie did and carefully sewing the facings to the underlining.  That worked well, because of the two layers of fabric, but I’m not sure what I would have done if I had only one layer of fabric.  I’ve made a not on my pattern to underline, should I want to make this dress again.

2 thoughts on “Tacking down the facings.”

  1. Ah squirrelly facings. Not many can say that they must face those! Love that you have a feline companion to "help" you. He does seem rather interested in the movie! 🙂

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