Sexism in Parade magazine part II

This comes from an article about two friends who met at the Naval Academy, died for their country and now rest side by side in Arlington Cemetery. All well and good (except for the senseless death, but that’s for another post).  But read the part that begins, “Travis even joined Brendan on some of his dates–
First of all, Mean Girls isn’t a girl movie.  It’s a movie about girl relationships that both females AND males can learn from.  Secondly, if you reverse this statement, “[Two girls] weren’t too cool to watch a boys’ movie” it doesn’t make sense.  Because girls are supposed to like what boys like and be grateful when boys “sink to their level” and deign to watch a movie that is centered on something other than *gasp* men.
Granted, the sexism this time comes from a quote, that is, not the writers of Parade Magazine themselves, but it’s stuff like this that should be called out.  So I’m doing it.

What’s wrong with this picture?

If no professional, semi-professional or student athlete game in any sport was ever played again, I would not be sad. I’m not into sports. I am, however, into equity in sports and these signs frost my liver. What century are we living in?

Though not team-sports oriented myself, I have always been thankful I came of age after Title IX passed. These signs show that there are still miles to go before we have true equity.

How do I think the signs should be worded? How about:
Viking Men’s Basketball
Viking Women’s Basketball.

If you are going to put the qualifying possessive adjective on the women’s sign, the men’s sign needs it too.