The Fair: Monster Trucks

We were interested in attending the Motorsports Championship.  On our way in, we found my favorite fundraiser of the fair.  FFA was selling earplugs for a dollar each.  We bought.img_6127

And here we are in another microcosm I know nothing about, the monster truck world.  It’s a world where not only they make the very big trucks, but also have aliases and paint the names on the very big trucks.    The announcer told us the Scarlet Bandit was a big winner.img_6130

Before she entered the arena, the Scarlet Bandit chatted with this man and child.img_6133

The announcer was in the arena while people were coming in, but his eventual seat was near us.  I ascertained that the winners got some sort of champagne.  That box thing was linked to the sound system.   To sing the National Anthem, they plugged in a phone and hit play.  img_6134

Each monster truck was introduced and drove around the ring before coming to stop.  We had this guy, Time Flys.  I liked his truck and how there was a picture of a monster truck on his grill. img_6136

Some trucking through the arena.img_6137

The announcer and his assistant.  We had a group of giggly young teenage girls sitting a few rows back.  At one point they all yelled his name (“Justin!!!!) together.  He turned around, scanned the stands and then smiled and waved while they all giggled.   I love teenage girls.img_6138

Thus follow many pictures of very big trucks.  It was breathtaking to watch them fly off the jumps.  The hydraulics were incredible.  It was very loud.  I wondered how much one of those trucks costs and how much gas they use.img_6139 img_6144 img_6150 img_6151

And then there were these two.  What was their deal?  So many things I don’t know.img_6160 img_6162 img_6164 img_6166 img_6169 img_6175 img_6177 img_6179 img_6188

No part of this very large truck is touching the earth at this moment.  What does it feel like to drive them?img_6190 img_6192 img_6194

There was a break with the big trucks and they brought in other cars so we took our leave.  We had to wait and not be run over by any cars though.img_6196

So I got to take a picture of this kid, whose face was unfortunately a little too flooded with light.  It’s times like these I wish I had a bigger camera.img_6199

3 thoughts on “The Fair: Monster Trucks”

  1. Wow! More microcosms to explore! I have never had a chance to see Monster Trucks in action. I am impressed that you took it in. More excellent coverage on your part!!! And brilliantly done with the FFA’s fund raiser. 🙂

  2. Gosh, I haven’t been to a monster truck rally in probably 20 years. They’re so fun! Did you enjoy it? It seems like you enjoyed it. Those two people in the crowd you snapped a picture of look like they belong at a WWE event rather than a truck rally.

    1. So! Much! Fun! I don’t have plans to go again, but it was amazing! Also, I feel like at some point in the future Monster Truck Rallies will be a footnote to describe a time period and people will marvel that they ever happened and wish they could see that. Kind of like me reading descriptions of the Glass Palace at one of the World’s Fair.

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