The Fair: Things made.

Now let’s see what kinds of things people made for the fair.

Cake decorating is going through a phase of fondant-everything.  Fondant is not my favorite thing, but it was fun to see what creative things people are doing with the fondant.img_5996

Maybe you need a high-heeled shoe cake?  img_5997

Or perhaps a Fair-themed cake?img_5998

As usual, I enjoyed reading the judges comments in the table decorating contest.img_5999

Let’s go on a quilting spectacular.  Because there were a lot of good quilts.

I like the colors, and the many patterns contained in one quilt.  img_6000

T-shirt quilt!  Maybe when I get my t-shirt quilt done (in approximately 10-15 years) I will enter it in the fair.img_6001

These people, (Matt included) were all taking a picture of a quilt, because you needed to look at the picture to see the person the quilt depicted.img_6002

It’s Nick Offerman, that guy from the TV show Parks & Recreation.  I’m interested in why someone would go to all this trouble, but there must be a backstory.  Also, the quilt in the background is also a winner!  Great colors!img_6003

Another fun quilt.  Amazing quilting and really good skulls.img_6006

A 9/11 quilt done in understated colors.img_6007

Nice use of black and white.img_6008

Impressively swirly.img_6009

Similar swirly.img_6010

We watched the Art of Cake Decorating on the creative living stage.  Not for long though.  She was sculpting with fondant. Impressive, but not good to eat.  That bust of a woman sitting on the table is actually a cake she made.img_6064

I enjoyed looking at this collection of tiny felted objects.img_6065

This next item was the most memorable thing at the fair this year.img_6066 img_6067 img_6068

Nice embroidery quilt.img_6069

Here were ladies partaking in a variety of work.  img_6070

Some really amazing crochet.img_6071

I loved this Steampunk outfit.img_6072

Those pleats!  So much pressing!img_6073

I also was a fan of this dress that was made to wear to her daughter’s wedding.  (Not enough to take a full-length picture of it, though. Sorry.)img_6074

Winning vegetables.img_6076

One thing I enjoy about the Oregon State Fair is that they have puzzles to solve.  People of all ages were trying their hand.img_6105

The fair is a good place to show off your license plate collection.img_6106

There were a lot of Legos for people to build with.  I love that woman in the purple shirt who seems to be tired of waiting around at the Lego table.img_6107

There were also many Legos on display.img_6108

As a counterpart to the handwork women, we have the wood turners.img_6109

Quite lovely dollhouse.img_6110

I was intrigued and repelled by this US flag made out of Army men by a youth. I guess that makes it art.img_6111 img_6112

4 thoughts on “The Fair: Things made.”

  1. What excellent coverage of the stuffiest handmade stuff at the fair. I really love those quilts. Wowza! What gorgeous work!

  2. I agree about fondant. What they can do with it is pretty amazing visually, but it’s not tasty.

    Of course, I love the skeleton quilt, but I think the 9/11 one is my favorite. It’s very classy & understated. And the embroidery quilt – my goodness, it must have taken so much time!

    I also love the dollhouse. It looks like it belongs in Astoria.

    I like the flag made out of soldiers. I think it makes a very interesting statement.

  3. I’m coming down on the side of fondant – used it to make kid birthday cakes and it’s much easier to work with than buttercream. You can paint it too. Also, easier to pull off and leave than buttercream if you don’t want to eat it.

    1. Yes, but in all those instances I don’t get to eat buttercream. Which, since cake is simply the conduit for frosting, doesn’t make me much of a fan of fondant. 🙂

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