Three sentence movie reviews: Tonight You’re Mine (a.k.a You Instead)


Oh my gosh, I watched the preview for this movie a year or so ago, was very intrigued and promptly forgot the title, but was lucky enough to come across it at the library.  I’ve not been to a massive music festival, but I would guess this is quite a good representation.  This is worth watching because they filmed the entire movie over five days (five days!) at the 2010 T in the Park Festival in Kinross, Scotland and it’s sweet, full of fun, (plus Tonks*) and the music is great.

*Natalia Tena mentioned in her interviews that filming this movie was more like live theater than movies because she’s been in films where she has to stand around for hours in one scene and I found myself wondering what sorts of movies she’s been in as she is gorgeous, but not conventional movie star attractive. And IMDB told me I was looking at Tonks, from Harry Potter.

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It appears that Tonight Your Mine is the alternate US title.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Tonight You’re Mine (a.k.a You Instead)”

  1. Okay, I’ll probably never see this, so I have to ask why there are handcuffs involved. The mini series that she was in recently, Residue, I tried to watch it on Netflix. She was good in it, but the premise wasn’t enough to induce me to watch the other two episodes.

    1. You can still watch it even if I tell you about the handcuffs, because they happen first thing. The two leads are arguing and a random guy puts handcuffs on them and then runs off. So they spend the rest of the movie trying to find the guy to get the handcuffs off.

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