Making some money.

House on Fremont street, for sale by owner.  The lot next door has recently been cleared of its former house.IMG_4293

I did a triple take when looking at the price.  $1,375,000 about $458,000 per lot.  I mean, it’s Fremont Street, but it seems high to me.


3 thoughts on “Making some money.”

  1. Nearly 1.4 million for 3 lots? I mean, by Cali standards, that’s reasonable. Has Portland’s market exploded so much that it’s reasonable for there?

    1. Eh, I think it’s too high, if a developer was looking to make money on building the houses. But maybe I’m wrong? God, I hope not.

  2. It’s all about the market, though, right? Wonder if it is still sitting at this price? Or if it sold, for how much?

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