When you’re a former Beatle…

Apparently all your tour trucks match.IMG_5196

Paul McCartney is in town for a show tonight.IMG_5197

I loved also discovering this mini-bike attached to the back of the truck below.   Plus, it reminded me of the time in high school that a bunch of us loaded into Cindy’s family Jeep Wagoneer (aka the Jalapeno Wagon) and drove up and down the Interstate talking to truckers on the CB radio.  Lori was really good at it, taking the handle Cotton Candy.  We convinced a trucker to stop for a late dinner at the Flying J truck stop with six lovely ladies who all wanted to meet him.  He laughed so hard when he saw a table full of giggling under-aged girls waiting for him.  Then he sat down and we had a very nice chat about his truck driving life.  He liked driving trucks better than the desk job he had before.


3 thoughts on “When you’re a former Beatle…”

  1. I had no idea that rockstars used semi trucks to move all their equipment around. Is this common? I guess I thought they all used buses. I loved your truck driver story. Really cute.

    1. I think it depends on your level of rock star. The band travels on a bus (unless you are really cool and have your own plane, which I suspect Mr. McCarthy does) and I think it gets to a point where the show is big enough that it makes sense to send all the equipment via semi.

      I’m realizing I don’t actually know this for a fact, but have instead picked it up by watching many videos in my youth. And also from my long-lived teenage stage where I wanted to be a roadie and thus did a lot of research about how tours worked.

  2. My mom’s cousin is a sound engineer for a “world music” band called Groundation. (He was also the sound engineer for Michael Franti and Spearhead when they hit it big). They are constantly touring. (Which is always cool to see what country he is in at any given time!). You take along all your gear, staging, sound, lighting, etc. And Sir Paul has a lot of special staging and lights and screens.

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